was born in a family worshiping idols and I was also initiate since my childhood. But in 1994, when I was 17, an evangelist named Jean Kodjo came in my village (Naloate) and I gave my life to Christ at that age. My meeting with Pastor Jean Kodjo helps me a lot in my desire to find a real hope and also help to have a very good relationship with God when I was chosen by him as the leader of my local church which was under a tree until the time they built a church for us.

Above all my real commitment to God as my Creator and Saviour began n 1996 when I started feeling spiritual attacks of all kinds in my life to the point of death. I saw the devil face to face holding red scriptures. He tortured me which bad visions and finally with a serious sickness being with me from November 2001 until today. That is hepatitis. For that reason I went to Saint Jean hospital of Tanguiéta in Benin where the doctor in charge of me did not have hope I can survive because the level of infection. From 2001 till today if I’m still alive it’s only by the grace of God upon my life because from that time till now I have special food nutrition with many forbidden local food that is part our life here. These are common here and are the only used. That makes my life so difficult because I have to spend a lot of money for my nutrition.
From that experience I have the conviction there is no power above God’s power. This is why I dedicate all my life to Him who is able to spare me and save in every situation. Now I am a compositor of worshiping songs to exalt the glory of God. I am limited by financial problem if not I would had have my own recording audio and visual CD, because now I want to be an artist of Gospel.