The IAM World Christian Pledge: Ten Steps of Faith and Obedience define a commitment to following Christ and obeying the Great Commission. This calls for a sincere heart commitment to Christ and his cause, not for legalistic perfection. It is not an attempt to gain God’s acceptance and favor; God has graciously given us that as a gift in Christ. It represents an effort to respond to his love and grace with faith and obedience.

Whoever practices and teaches these commands will be called great in the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 5:19) We resolve by God’s grace and for his glory  

By God’s grace and for his glory, I resolve:

1. To live in the good of the gospel, believing that God loves us and through faith in Christ we have forgiveness of our sins, reconciliation with God and abundant, eternal life. 2. To admit, confess, turn from and put to death anything in our lives we know to be wrong, knowing by faith the cross of Christ has freed us from the power as well as the penalty of sin.

3. To seek and receive the promised fullness of the Holy Spirit, in order to better know God, to have a fruitful life and ministry and to exercise his gifts and his authority over the powers of darkness, that Christ has conquered.

4. To seek God’s healing power and grace inwardly, outwardly and in our relationships with other people.

5. To make a covenant commitment to live and serve as part of the Body of Christ through active membership in a local church, celebrating God’s covenant love for us by observing Holy Communion and affirming our covenant love for God through Baptism.

6. To love and worship God passionately and exclusively in our hearts in response to his great and gracious love for us, and to deny ourselves, take up the cross daily and follow Christ as his disciple.

7. To love one another as he has loved us and given himself for us in obedience to his command.

8. To continue serving Christ through regular worship, fellowship, prayer, Bible study and witnessing for him in word and action.

9. Having received this gift of eternal life, to do everything we can by faith to share the good news of his kingdom with others from all nations through evangelism, discipleship and starting new churches according to God’s vision, gifts and call in our lives, passing these traditions of faith and obedience on to others.

10. Above all, by God’s grace, to do everything for the glory of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.