The gospel is by far the greatest truth in the world because it reveals who God really is and meets our deepest and greatest needs. Consider Christ’s astounding accomplishments through his death and resurrection:

How does the gospel reveal the glory of God? When we come to understand that God sent his son into the world to pay for our sins, we begin to see that God is infinitely good. Only one who is perfect in holiness would insist that every evil action requires a the payment of a just penalty. And only one who is perfect in love and grace would make such a sacrifice for helpless sinners. The word glory is difficult to define because it transcends our ordinary categories. It has been called the “luminous manifestation of God’s perfection.” When we see Jesus Christ and consider he lived a perfect life and then laid it down that we might be forgiven and be welcomed into God’s kingdom as beloved children, we begin to get a sense of the staggering goodness of the God who created us.