Bible Outline
Recorded by some 40 different authors over a period of some 1500 years, the Bible has a single grand narrative that culminates in the Good News of Jesus Christ. This outline makes a great tool for teaching the Bible and discipleship.

The Core Principles for the John 17 Model for Missions
These are the core principles for carrying out the Great Commission according to Jesus’ vision as laid out in his Farewell Discourse (John 13-17).

Ten Principles of Faith and Obedience The Ten Principles of Faith and Obedience is offered as a tool for discipleship and spiritual development. It is similar to the 12 Steps of AA but has explicitly Christian content.

Why We Need to Change How We Do Missions: the John 17 Model In the last 100 years, the number of unreached and unevangelized has increased by a billion, and if the church continues to carry out her mission without employing Jesus vision for his mission, we may have 500,000,000 unreached and unevangelized in 50 years.

The Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards Jonathan Edwards is widely regarded as America’s greatest theologian, philosopher and minister of the gospel. Some regard him as her greatest thinker and writer as well. These 70 resolutions he took as an 18 year-old man helped to shape and define his extraordinary life.