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Why I Am a Christian

Welcome to Why I Am a Christian

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elcome to a new part of the IAM site, which is dedicated to providing a place for people to share why they believe in Jesus Christ. Some of the material will stories. Some will be articles about why we believe in Christ and follow him now. This is not so much a place to offer abstract reasons for believing or to argue about religion. I think we are all a bit weary of that. It’s about how th...


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What Are the Distiguishing Marks of a Prophet? English

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What Are the Distiguishing Marks of a Prophet? English


here is no more important question than this: what are the distinctive marks of a true prophet? Ignorance of these marks has led millions into the misery of eternity without God. This doesn't have to be.

The truth is that most people in the world hold a false belief system. Consider the fact that there are seven main belief systems in the world; these systems contradict each other. Therefore, as a...


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Becoming More Like Christ, John Stott's Final Sermon

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remember very vividly, some years ago, that the question which perplexed me as a younger Christian (and some of my friends as well) was this: what is God’s purpose for His people? Granted that we have been converted, granted that we have been saved and received new life in Jesus Christ, what comes next? Of course, we knew the famous statement of the Westminster Shorter Catechism: that man’s chief...



Hollywood Producer Jeff Holder Uses His Vocation for Christ

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very Christian has the privilege and joy of contributing to God's great redemptive mission. God doesn't call most of us to be ministers or professional missionaries. But he does send us into the world to be his witnesses and to use his gifts for his glory and for his kingdom. That includes using our vocations for his purposes. Dentist Arturo Gama's father, a pastor, always taught his kids t...



Only one life ‘twill soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last

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I have heard the short version of this little poem quoted by two people I admire greatly. The first was Dr. J. Christy Wilson Jr., the modern pioneer missionary to Afghanistan; the other was John Piper, the pastor, writer and speaker. It is simple, and yes, sounds dated to us in terms of its style. But for those who have ears to hear, it is a life changer.

Piper has kept a little sign with that pos...